Variable- and Fixed-Rate Energy Plans

Residential Natural Gas
Titan offers competitively priced, variable- and fixed-rate, natural gas plans that offer you the best in flexibility and peace-of-mind for your energy needs. Whether you want the freedom of a month-to-month plan that gives the ultimate in convenience or the stability of a locked-in price that does not fluctuate during inclement weather, we have the plan that's right for you. Call our friendly and knowledgeable customer-service agents today.

Residential Electricity
Supply your home with all the electricity it needs with energy plans including variable and fixed-rate programs. Take advantage of the best in month-to-month flexibility or get complete peace-of-mind featuring 12- or 24-month, fixed-rate plans that won’t fluctuate during harsh weather months. Call today or explore our electricity options now.

Residential Combos
Combine your energy usage with pricing packages that offer the greatest in savings by bundling up with both natural gas and electricity for your home. Dual plans come in both variable and fixed-rate offers for the greatest in month-to-month flexibility, fixed-rate peace-of-mind, and discount pricing. Call now and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives now.

Commercial Natural Gas and Electricity
Save more when you supply your business with competitively, low rates on natural gas, electricity, or both. Get the most from a month-to-month, variable rate or enjoy the confidence that a fixed-rate plan provides during high-usage months. Call today and our experienced and knowledgeable energy traders will work with you to get the pricing plan that’s right for your business now.