Residential Services

Titan provides the residential customer with pricing options so they can have better control of their energy bills. You can choose a month-to-month, Variable-Price Plan that is tied to wholesale prices or a Fixed-Price Plan that is based on an annual consumption forecast and the current energy rate. With the Variable-Price Plan, you do not commit yourself to any term and receive competitive pricing that is tied to wholesale prices. If you cancel your enrollment with Titan, you automatically re-enroll with your Utility as your provider. You can change your plan from a Variable Plan to a Fixed-Rate Plan when prices get low or you feel prices are headed up in the future.

Titan participates in Consolidated Billing with Utilities. This is where Titan's charge for the gas or electric supply appears on the Utility's Invoice that you have always received, replacing the Utility's Supply Charge. The Utility continues to provide the same delivery services to your facility or home and continues to read your meter. The manner in which you pay your Utility remains the same also, whether you pay by auto draft, online, or by mail.