Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who is Titan Gas & Power?

A: Titan Gas & Power is an Energy Supply Company that is licensed and approved in your state. Titan has been active marketing since 2005.

Q: If I enroll online with Titan and I change my mind, can I cancel the enrollment?

A: If you are a residential customer and enroll online, Titan will mail the terms and conditions to your home. Once you have received the terms, you will have three days to review the terms, call with any questions, or stop the enrollment by calling Titan.

Q: What happens if Titan stops delivering gas to my home?

A: In the unlikely event that if this were to occur, there would still be no interruption of your gas supply. Your local Utility would continue delivering gas to your home.

Q: If I sign up with Titan Gas & Power, will it alter the service I get from my Utility?

A: While Titan will supply the energy, the delivery of the energy will remain the responsibility of your current Utility. You will receive the same delivery service that you currently have. 

Q: If I choose Titan for my energy supply, will I receive an additional bill each month?

A: No. Titan’s supply charge will replace the Utility’s supply charge on the Utility’s invoice. You can maintain the same payment method that you are currently using to pay the Utility, whether you pay by check or Auto Draft. You pay the Utility for the Titan Supply charges, and the Utility will compensate Titan for the Supply.

Q: Are there any enrollment fees or switching fees?

A: No. There are no enrollment or switching fees.

Q: If I switch to Titan, will there be any interruption in my gas service?

A: No. Your gas service will continue without interruption when you switch to Titan.

Q: Are there any cancelation fees?

A: If you enroll in a Variable-Price Plan, there are no cancelation fees. The Variable-Price Plan is effectively a month-to-month agreement. The Fixed-Price Plans will have a cancelation fee if you exit the program prior to the fixed-price term’s expiration. Once the fixed-price program’s initial term expires, the agreement reverts to a month-to-month, variable-price agreement.

Q: If I lose power or gas, who do I contact?

A: In the event of a power or gas outage, please contact your local Utility. It will still be their responsibility to deliver energy to your home or business.

Q: If I smell gas, who do I contact?

A: Contact your Utility immediately at the Emergency phone number listed on your Utility invoice. Maintaining the integrity of your gas supply with still be the Utility’s responsibility even after signing up with Titan.

Q: When should I choose a Fixed-Price Plan?

A: You should consider a Fixed-Price Plan when you are concerned about natural gas prices increasing or if you do not want to risk the chance of prices increasing. Many customers choose to lock in their rate prior to Winter, avoiding potential cold-weather price spikes. 

Q: If I enroll in a Variable-Price Plan, can I switch to a Fixed-Price Plan later?

A: Yes. If you are enrolled in a Variable-Price Plan, you can switch to a Fixed-Price Plan by enrolling online or by calling Titan.