Budget Billing

natural gas budget billing

Titan offers a Budget-Billing Plan, otherwise known as Level Billing. A customer’s energy usage varies greatly depending on the season. For Natural Gas Customers, gas usage is typically low in the summer periods and high during Winter. This results in large bills during the Winter and small bills in the Summer. With a Budget-Billing Plan, your bill is the same amount every month, regardless of season. When a customer enrolls in Budget Billing, Titan takes the customer’s annual usage history and divides that amount by 12 months. For example, if a customer consumes 900 Ccfs of gas in a year’s time, that amount is divided by 12 months, which equates to an average usage of 75 Ccfs per month. Titan then multiplies that average monthly usage by the price, whether fixed or estimated. If the price is 50 cents per Ccf, your monthly bill would be $37.50. The customer is then billed $37.50 per month for the entire year. Because annual usage will vary to some extent every year, the balance will be trued up after the first 12 months and a new budget will be calculated.